Cảm nhận của học viên tại trường Anh ngữ CG


One month, it’s not too long but it is enough for me to learn and enjoy.

I am a shy girl so I will be very worry when I go to another country. Moreover, this is the first time I live away from my family. “What will happen to me without them? Can I adapt to the new environment?”.  I have a lot of questions and I don’t have answer. To be honest, I was crying on the way here…. ^o^

But when I arrived here in CG, I didn’t have that feeling. Everything is very good (Dormitory, friends, teachers, staffs…). Teachers in here are very good. They helped me very much. Thanks to them from a Vietnamese student who have a bad pronunciation like me, can speak English well in a month. I really thank the teachers have patience to teach me each word. I like chasses in CG. It is very nice. Teachers are friendly. They always make me feel happy in the classroom. I like every Friday here because on Friday, each class has a game, the students and teachers play together. Of course if you lose a game, you will have penalty. But it is ok because you have been enjoyable.

Because I am a Vietnamese student and I am the only Vietnamese here it is very difficult for me as a shy type person. But students here helped me to overcome everything. I have a good time with my friends during weekends. I usually go out with my school manager to try some food and see a view… I am here to study English and improve communication skill.

My staying here is one of the most amazing experiences in my life. CG has given me wonder memories to remember. Thank you!!!!


Le Thi Thanh Huyen (Helen)


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